Message from our Coordinator

Welcome to Northside Early Learning Center!

Northside Early Learning Center's pre-kindergarten program provides children ages 3-5 with high quality early learning and development opportunities and a foundation of success for K-12 education and beyond. Parents are children's first teachers, and as such, have an amazing opportunity to enrich their lives with experiences that will help them grow and develop. Parental involvement is a critical part of Northside's Pre-K program and it is our goal to empower parents to be education advocates and teachers for their children.

Each teacher at Northside is licensed by the State of Nevada. There is an Instructional Assistant in every classroom who provides additional educational opportunities and support. Northside utilizes a fully research-based curriculum program, Creative Curriculum.

At Northside Early Learning Center, we strive to provide each child enrolled in our program with an early learning education that will lead to greater success in school and in life. We recognize the importance in working together with parents, the community, and other educators as we work towards this goal. At the end of the day, we are here for children and families, and we are thankful for the opportunity!

Derild Parsons, Director